About SLAM!

1. About SLAM!

SLAM! Volunteering:

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SLAM! is a relative new program here at Musicians Institute where college volunteers teach music classes at local middle and high schools in underserved communities.

SLAM! offers:

Music Instruction in Middle and High Schools
SLAM! targets underserved schools that have lost music programs to budget cuts and offers a variety of weekly music classes.

Facilitates Professional Development For Aspiring Educators
Through our music mentorship model, SLAM! volunteers receive extensive coaching in lesson planning, group facilitation, and public speaking. Many volunteers start off with minimal teaching experience and SLAM! creates a safe space for them to identify their teaching style and build skills to support their development as teaching professionals.

Provides Leadership Opportunities For College Students
Each SLAM! university chapter  is equipped with a student Leadership Board that is responsible for managing all chapter operations. SLAM! student board officers oversee the volunteer recruitment process, secure university sponsorship, manage marketing and media platforms, and organize performances and meetings on campus.


We offer a variety of music classes including  Piano, Guitar, Percussion, Voice, Rock Band and Music Production. For each of these classes, volunteers receive a complete curriculum to follow with full planned classes for every week, games, songs, charts and every other material needed to teach every week.


Our classes include a lead instructor who implements the given curriculum each week and an assistant instructor(s) who helps out the lead during the course of the class. Both of these roles will allow you to gain teaching experience and provide you with resources to become a better teacher.

Volunteering happens only one time per week and classes are one hour and a half long. Volunteers will only need to dedicate three hours of their time each week for for 8 weeks of the 11 weeks each MI quarter has.  (For example, leave MI at 3:30pm and get back at 6:30pm).

At the end of each quarter, the students perform in a Final Showcase to show off their musical improvement for their friends and family.

If you commit to become a SLAM! volunteer, we assure you will gain amazing teaching insights and a wonderful experience with kids who can’t wait to learn music.


For more information about SLAM! Program LA, please check out our regional website: www.slamprogram.org


Please email: mi@slamprogram.org

Message us on Instagram.


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